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New Complete Bot Building and Subscriber Management Platform for FB Messenger

Segmate App Chatbot

SegMateApp is one of easily the most comprehensive Chatbot FB Messenger Marketing Platforms on the market place right now. The ideal Messenger app to achieve all your promotion goals by using enhanced bot innovations within Facebook Messenger.

What's so significant when it comes to SegMateApp Facebook Messenger?

It's a total package for all kinds of (inter)action, engagement as well as automation inside FaceBook Messenger. No need for other applications. Every one features/modules are user-friendly from one main dashboard.

Chat Engage Bot Builder Module

This is the “heart & soul” of the app. Here, you’ll build your bots and you can set all your predefined messages. You can use all kind of elements inside your message as…

  • Text with personalization (First, Last Name).
  • Images.
  • Card. A Card is an image with a Title and Subtitle and clickable redirect URL.
  • Gallery. A Gallery consists of 2 up to 11 slides (i.e. cards) all with their own clickable redirect URL.
  • List. It’s like the Gallery but now instead of horizontal scrolling, the list is vertical (top down).
  • Video. Just upload your video once and you can use them later inside any bot/message.
  • Files. Use this option to add a downloadable file as a PDF.
  • Audio.
  • Segmateapp Facebook Messenger Subscriber Tools

    Now, there is a simple way to collect FB Messenger Leads from your website by using 4 types of opt-in methods:

    #1 Checkbox Optin (Checkbox Plugin)

    You can place this checkbox on any web page just as any opt-in form.

    (Tip: you can even use both a standard email option and below or above use the FB Messenger Checkbox)

    Your lead will have to check the “Send to Messenger” box and click on a button with the text you want, f.e. “Click to optin”, and confirm his/her subscription with one click via a Facebook confirmation popup. Hence, no need for the lead to enter any text

    #2 Customer Chat Plugin

    This plugin allows you to use FB Messenger on your website. Hence, the chat takes place on your web page. Your lead will click the “Chat Now” button and now you can chat via FB Messenger.

    #3 Send to Messenger Plugin

    You’ll use this option if you ask your lead to respond to your specific call to action…You can set 3 things to happen after the click:

    • Do nothing.
    • Redirect URL.
    • Open model.

    Main features of SegMateApp

  • Very easy to use dashboard/interface with clear modules and chat preview feature.
  • Convert website visitors into Facebook Messenger subscribers by using 4 different subscriber tools.
  • Create all kind of engaging bots with (inter)actions via keywords, buttons and quick replies.
  • Use personalization and nested bots.
  • Manage, Segment and Tag your lists based on interactions.
  • Cast (Broadcast/Schedule) Facebook Messages (with included bots).
  • Send sequences (autoreponder or reminder) Facebook Messages .
  • Set welcome message (with included bots) for each new visitor.
  • Add a persistent menu inside your FB Messenger chatbox.
  • Connect FB ads with your chatbots.
  • Unlimited Fan Pages and bot messages.
  • 100% approved Facebook technology and SAAS. No risk of FB account getting banned
  • ​Besides the app you’ll get access to several videos explaining how to use FB Messenger for marketing purposes, in accordance to Facebook’s TOS, and how to use the app for maximum results.

    Product: SegMateApp
    Type: Web-based Software
    Price: $9.00/Month   500 Contacts
    Creator: Keith Gosnell & Karl Schuckert

    SegMateApp is a complete Bot Building and Subscriber Management Platform for FB Messenger. Build your FB Messenger list and market to your leads/customers with personalized segmented chatbot messages. Easily create welcome, auto-reply, broadcast or autoresponder FB Messages with preset bots. One of the most advanced FB Messenger tool suites at the market right now. Really recommended!

    But if you ask me, I would definitely go for SegMateApp if you are a serious Facebook marketer. You just want the best tool for FB Messenger as you want for your email marketing. So, start with the right platform as you can’t import your FB Messenger list subscribers from one platform to the other!

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