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Underlining the importance of “winning the moment” in a media-obsessed digital economy, Bob Reina, Founder & CEO of Talk Fusion, warns marketers that if they’re not leveraging visuals to capture a crowd, they’re inevitably falling behind

Armed with our laptops, smartphones, and wearable technology in hand, we’re living in a world of devices—always just one speedy tap, click, or scroll away from a vast digital universe of unlimited entertainment. As marketers, this new economy opens up an overflow of opportunity, but we’re also seeing a few challenges; namely, if everything and anything is available at our audience’s fingertips, how can we create content that stands out?

The answer, as I have found, involves hacking into the culture of the consumer which, in today’s world, means joining the visual revolution.

The Problem: Competition is Heating Up

Consumers are addicted to their devices, and advertisers know it. When it comes to our cellphones alone, we’re opening up those lock screens an astounding 2,617 times a day. We’re seemingly unable to divert our attentions from the tiny computers in our pockets. No longer left questioning where the masses are headed, modern marketers are taking advantage of the digital space like never before: eagerly stretching out their arms and crafting countless webpages, articles, social media posts and ads, press releases, and email blasts—each new piece aimed at increasing traction across the web.

The most adept marketing gurus understand that, in such an overcrowded space, success is not just going to be about what you create and where you display that material, but how your message is seen; or more specifically, how quickly it’s seen.

If Content is King, Then Visuals are Queen

Described as the new language of the people, visuals are your number-one marketing tool for capturing scrolling customers—for appealing to their instant-gratification sensors, inspiring a speedy emotional response, and having them pause long enough so they stop browsing and start absorbing some of your marketing material.

It makes sense. According to a recent HubSpot study, we’re not just more easily drawn into visuals when compared to text, but our minds also more prone to processing this information quickly—a full 60,000 times faster to be exact. Even here, while I’m hoping you’ve decided to read this piece in its entirety, chances are, you’re already skimming past these words, looking for the next bold headline and digestible piece of visual media to sink your teeth into.

Words will never lose their influence, but if you’re in the digital space, your marketing strategy must make full use of the variety of creative techniques that our devices now afford us; and that means your copy can never standalone—it will need to follow bold headers, wrap around vibrant images and, of the highest importance, be incorporated into and around dynamic video clips.

Amplify Attention with Video

Video is the reigning champion of the visual revolution, and it’s no surprise why; central to every successful company’s digital platform, video advertisements are the deepest way to pull in an audience’s focus. Marketing and web-design company Insivia points to the numbers: add a product video to your landing page, regardless of your industry, and increase conversions by 80%; give a customer the option to read about a product or watch a video, and four times as many will choose the video; and if you’re looking to keep your customers hanging around, then consider that people will stay an average 2.6 times longer on a page with video than they will on one without.

If you’re committed to moving your business in the right direction, video offers a rich opportunity to create meaning, evoke emotions, and strengthen consumer trust. Simply put, it’s your best bet at creating traction—whether you’re marketing an exciting, new product launch, building up your brand personality, or introducing a business advantage.

Stop Measuring Impressions and Start Measuring Engagement

There’s a marketing myth out there that impressions are a valuable metric—that so long as you’re showing up in someone’s news-feed or inbox, you’re creating traction. It’s an idealistic mentality. In reality, if you’re not pulling the focus long enough to capture attention, if you’re just being scrolled past and not influencing clicks, then you’re wasting marketing dollars.

In an over-saturated, entertainment-based market, visuals (with an emphasis on video) are what pull the attention—they are what generate the clicks. If you’re aimed at impact, it’s hard not to get excited by the visual revolution: you know where your customers are, you know what forms of media they find most exciting, and you have the ability to now create the type of incredible, varying content that is going to pull them in like never before.



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